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World Language Teachers as Brain Changers

Ken Stewart, ACTFL National Teacher of the Year



Brain researcher David Sousa has said, “When people ask teachers what they do, their first answer should always be: ‘ I am a brain changer’.”  Just like the brain is the location where you think and feel, the world language classroom is the place in school where our students think, feel, and grow more than any other. In this interactive session, participants will learn new ways to manage change in themselves and inspire change in their students. Take away dynamic strategies for personalizing language instruction, student engagement, thematic unit design, circumlocution, feedback and proficiency-based assessments.










Today’s World Language Teachers, Tomorrow’s Global Entrepreneurs

Ken Stewart, ACTFL National Teacher of the Year

(Friday Keynote)


Are you turning out globally competent graduates who are aware and curious about the world and how it works? How can you transform your instruction and your students’ experience into a rich, cultural experience? While languages are at the core, they alone do not accomplish this goal. Building interpersonal relationships and rapport are essential elements to any learning environment. Today’s learner profile is constantly changing. Come learn dynamic engagement strategies to connect with Generation Z while advancing intercultural understanding and empathy with all students.




Spice it up! The Secret Ingredients to Interpersonal CommunicationKen Stewart, ACTFL National Teacher of the Year




Participants will learn engaging strategies to build proficiency

in interpersonal speaking and writing from novice to pre-advanced. Using a variety of practical, classroom activities, the presenter will model interval speaking, speed dating, snowball fights and vocabulary poker and more. Teachers will add to their toolbox a variety of dynamic energizers to enhance the interpersonal mode of communication. The presentation will be in English, with examples in French and Spanish; applicable to all languages



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